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    Monday, September 25th, 2006
    8:56 pm
    Thursday, April 6th, 2006
    11:38 am
    saddest firedrill ever
    In years past when the Scotts Valley office had a fire drill, 250 people would file out of the building and gather at the meeting spot, escorted by cheerful safety volunteers.

    This year we had 6 people.

    There is something inherently despressing about working in a building designed to hold upwards of 300 employees and there being only 6 people in it. It's a cubicle ghost town.
    Sunday, March 19th, 2006
    4:09 pm
    a dot-com musical!
    C and I are going to take in an evening of musical theatre lampooning the era.
    Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
    10:40 pm
    Saturday, January 28th, 2006
    9:46 pm
    Q: Assuming two days at Disneyland and Disney's California adventure...
    and assuming two adults with one 7 year old child, how many strides would one expect to make?

    A: Over 32,000.
    Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
    8:26 pm
    Sunday, January 15th, 2006
    5:40 pm
    BSG comments
    Either Ron Moore has planned or ahead, or his team of writers is very good at pulling good drama from seemingly random bits. What made the entire episode for me was the 'Why do the Cylons hate us?' scene between Adama and Sharon. Reaching back to the pilot for that was either a result of careful planning, or someone being very clever.

    I'm worried about the next episode. Yes, I know it's SCI-FI, but anytime you bring abortion into the picture, it's hard to attack that issue with any kind of subtleness. It's hard write about the subject without feeling like someone somewhere is beating you over the head with a frying pan with a particular view.

    And let me predict this: I have seen the teaser for next week, and I predict that Sharon's baby is carrying the cure for The President's cancer.
    Sunday, January 8th, 2006
    8:23 pm
    BSG -- quote of the night from C

    I think it's the first time I have ever seen C go into absolutely catty mode.
    Friday, January 6th, 2006
    2:10 pm
    yet more Google hiring randomness
    So someone who used to work here just went through the Google hiring process. He interviewed with 7 people. He did great with 6 of them and then got some wonky PhD as his 7th interviewee. He managed to get through the first round of evaluation, then got handed off to some internal review board where he was summarily rejected.

    He still can't figure out why he got rejected, and quite frankly, I can't either. For job he was interviewing for, he should have been a mortal lock to have gotten an offer.

    We are both guessing that the review board looked at the fact that he had worked for two large companies recently and declined him purely on that basis.

    Way to go Google.
    Monday, January 2nd, 2006
    11:18 am
    Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
    1:03 pm
    Crap R' Us : still craptastic!
    Another year goes by, and Toys R' Us is again filled to the rafters with craptastic toys for your son or daughter in time for the holiday season!

    I don't know why I go in there every year. Whenever I come out I just become disgusted with the awful state of the toy industry and the plethora of licensed crap.

    I mean, does the world really need a 'Chronicles of Narnia' branded version of Stratego? Does society need to have 10 year olds playing with the 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Forensic Entomology Kit'? How about a board game based on 'Desperate Housewives'? What the fuck is wrong with our society?

    If you're lucky enough to be able to afford handheld computer games, you can buy your kids 'Nintendogs', allowing them to experinence the joy of having a puppy without learning any useful life lessons like responsibility or cleaning up after stinky poop.

    And lastly, the radio controlled SUV's are back. But this time they added hydraulics to them, so they can bounce up and down like lowriders.
    Thursday, December 1st, 2005
    4:39 pm
    short summary of my interview at google
    Went. Interviewed. Sucked at interviewing. Declined.

    And you know what? I'm actually comfortable with that outcome because the entire place reeked of 'eau de Netscape'. You could literally smell the arrogance and false hubris oozing from the place.

    I have no desire to repeat that experience. Once was enough.


    What I probably meant was 'the entire place was packed with people completely full of themselves'. There will be a reckoning there, and it will not be pretty.
    Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
    5:32 pm
    reason #12 on why i don't watch pop tv

    CSI -
    Don't worry, if you die in a horribly improbably accident, a team of odd but beautiful
    people led by a brilliant but broken man will figure it out using a
    variety of super cool tools and groovy music. Just remember to leave
    some skin under your fingernails and listen to The Who. Only applies to
    residents of Las Vegas, Miami, and New York City.
    Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
    10:49 am
    bitterness: who outsources the outsourcers?
    I had heard rumbling of this in the office for a few weeks. The insanity of it didn't really hit me until today.

    In a cost saving move, the Hyderabad office is outsourcing the work we gave them to another local Indian outfit.

    Yes, you read that right. We had outsourced engineering and QA to our company offices in Hyderabad, who are now turning around and outsourcing that work to another unaffiliated company.

    I just can't wait to get that first checkin by some 12 year old coding in a stuffy warehouse.
    Friday, November 18th, 2005
    4:02 pm
    the bitterness of survival
    On November 3rd, my employer either laid off or placed on transition 46 out of 55 people that were working in my local Scotts Valley office.

    Unfortunately, I was not one of the 46.

    We are now in the process of vacating our office. We have to be vacated by December 31st in order for the mothership to be able to write off the building. This is a rather large task, since we have 5 years worth of accumulated networkng crap. As an additional kick to the 'nads, we also have to train our replacements in India how to do our own jobs.

    I feel like the sole survivor of an airline crash, climbing over the oily, smoking burning wreckage to be confronted with people in suits and ties handing me a broom and telling me to clean up the mess.
    Monday, November 7th, 2005
    2:21 pm
    the rumors are true: xp knocked over in minutes
    Yesterday while I was setting up a new Windows XP laptop, I connected it to the internet on the open side of my firewall. I hadn't had a chance to patch it, so it was a Rev 1 version of XP completely exposed to the outside world.

    It only took two minutes for someone to install spamware on it.
    Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
    11:06 pm
    iTunes and "Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants"
    WARNING: I am plastered.

    A few days ago, while perusing the iTunes store, I noticed that they had released the _entire_ Stevie Wonder catalog, including the amazingly obscure album of "Stevie Wonder: Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants".

    This was no small thing.

    JTTSLOP was the defining moment in both my childhood and Stevie Wonder's career. Keep in mind that Stevie Wonder had just come off of his best album ever in 'Songs in the Key of Life', which in the middle 70's was probably one of _the_ defining albums of funk and soul. So much so, that artists in the 90's saw fit to remix portions of that 'Keys' well into the late 90's and beyond. (Can't remember the artist that remixed Pastime Paradise, but whatever)

    Anyway, 'Songs in the Key of Life' was followed a few years later by a soundtrack to a time-lapse film called 'The Secret Life of Plants'. This album, encased in both braille and green represented the pinnacle of hubris and ego. The cover and inside had actual Braille type for the non-sighted fans. The album also produced the ultimate shining moment in which Stevie Wonder's career collapsed. After this album was released, there was a massive "WTF?" moment by his fans and much of the musical establishment.

    To describe JTTSLOP as "difficult to access to the average pop-music fan" would be a severe understatement. I spent many moments in the shower tonight trying to come up with modern day analogies for what the album turned out to be, and I failed. The two closest things I could think of were "What if Britney Spears completely abandoned her sound and went for a Rap/Synth sound for 16 songs describing her experiences as a new found parent?" and "What if Nine Inch Nails completely abandoned their industrial sound and instead attemped to create a sweeping musical opera using the violin to describe the inner pain of being?"

    I failed on both counts.

    At any rate, JTTSLOP was the greatest destructive force ever to Stevie Wonder. It was the moment he jumped the shark in the eyes of the public. After JTTLSOP, he was never the same. Ever. He was reduced to the tripe produced in "In Square Circle" and beyond. Such was the disaster of JTTLSOP that Stevie Wonder all but disappared from the music scene until I saw him during the 2005 NBA All-Star game, in which he delivered one of the most awesome renditions of the national anthem ever.

    But I digress.

    JTTSLOP has been released through iTunes, and I only hope that someday all of the obscure work by artists both popular and non will be available for the public.

    The great irony of JTTSLOP is that in portions, it's fucking brilliant. Yes, it's incredibly inaccessible but at the same time but I cannot imagine a modern pop-artist today being able to take a completely left turn at Albuquerque and being greenlighted to the tune of three videos and several million CD's to make an art album. It just doesn't happen now. No one is allowed to take the artistic plunge and destroy themselves. That makes the release of JTTLSOP so worthy of my spending an hour writing about it while plastered out of my gourd.

    So I raise a margarita glass to Stevie Wonder, for having the balls in the mid 70's for doing a piece of art and destroying his career while impacting my childhood. May future artists pursue art and their own peril.
    Friday, October 14th, 2005
    2:49 pm
    our american media
    A few days ago, wonderful Fox News had a headline "Birdflu found in Turkey" alongside a picture of an American Turkey.

    They were talking about Turkey, the country. Not the bird.

    Tuesday, August 30th, 2005
    4:40 pm
    let me be the first to predict this
    1) We are going to have a recession.

    2) The White House is going to blame the recession on Hurricane Katrina.

    We were headed toward a recession anyway. This gives the WH a nice cover now. Just wait for it to come from the President's lips.
    11:07 am
    the dangers of allowance
    Earlier this summer we started to give G an allowance of three dollars a week. He was getting old enough to start learning about money and we figured that three dollars a week would mean that he would have to save at least two or three weeks to buy anything substantial.

    Yesterday, with his own money, he descended upon Spencer's Gifts and purchased himself the high tech equivalent of the whoopie cushion.

    As much as C and I would have preferred another purchase, it was his money that he saved and thus, because it wasn't something explosive or dangerous, we had to let him purchase.

    Let this be a warning to you.
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